Beyond Pixels

Welcome to Jin Qian's portfolio.

Here, I share my journey in integrating artistry with functionality in design.

You'll find a collection of projects reflecting my learning and application of diverse design principles. Each piece showcases my commitment to creating practical, visually pleasing designs.

Join me in this evolving exploration of creative and functional design.


Service Design for Sustainability

A service-based platform that revolutionizes the handling of old clothes, enabling customers to recycle their garments while earning rewards. Simultaneously, it fosters a sustainable cycle by repurposing materials and offering personalized customization options for new apparel.


Installation Art

This installation delves into the contrast between digital interfaces and the underlying technology that powers them, urging reflection on technology's deeper impact in our lives. The project's name, with its intentional underscore, symbolizes this exploration of the seen and unseen in the digital realm.


Graphic Design for Table-Top Game

An immersive board game set in the depths of the planet Triton's ocean, where players lead submarine crews in a competitive quest to retrieve a lost artifact, strategically balancing resource management and tactical maneuvers against rival teams.

A SCAD Entelechy winning project.

Warren Warriors

Game UI Design

Warren warriors is a strategy based game where you join a team of jerboas in order to defend their home. You will fight against the enemy using your best strategies to advance to the next destination. Find Hau and defeat the gnomes to help protect your home.


Social Media UX UI Design

POLIV redefines news consumption by blending personalized content with diverse perspectives and interactive discussions, ensuring an engaging and comprehensive news experience.

It's where information meets insight.

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Published 2024

Designed by Jin Qian